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Grüner Tennisplatz-Acryloberfläche

Herkunftsort China
Markenname CN Sports
Zertifizierung IAAF / ITF/RoHS/iSSS/ISO140019001/ISO14001
Modellnummer CN-S02
Min Bestellmenge /
Preis US $7.5-12.5/ Square Meter
Verpackung Informationen Satz im Fass /pallet
Lieferzeit Innerhalb Arbeit 15 Tage nach Ihrer Ablagerung
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit 150000 Tonnen pro Jahr

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Vertikale Deformation 2.3mm Bruchdehnung 857
Neu eingebundener Wert 88 Dehnbares Strenth 3.2mpa
Umweltschutz-Niveau E1 Flamme Retardancy calss I
Farbe Grün, rot, blau, Grau, Gelb, usw. Material Silikon-Polyurethan
Dauerhafte Jahre mehr als 10 Jahre Produktname Tennisplatz-Bodenbelag, Federballplatz, Volleyballfelder, Futsals-Gericht, etc.
Niedrige Grundlage Beton oder Asphlat

Grüner Tennisplatz-Acryloberfläche


iSSS Tennisplatz-Acryloberfläche


Des im Freien Bodenbelag Sports der Stoßdämpfung

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Shock-Absorption Silicon PU Acrylic Coating Outdoor Sport Floor Tennis Court Flooring


Product Description


The purpose of building sports courts is to ensure a professional, safe, healthy sports condition-the characteristics of hardness will bring the professional sporting feeling; the cushion effectively increasing the shock absorption and reduce the incidence of injuries to ankles, joints and ligaments. At the same time, it should reduce abrasion caused by falling and accident.



SPU acrylic tennis court system uses modified tenacious acrylic resin as the abrasion resistant layer. It’s a breakthrough for the brittleness and fissility shortcomings of the traditional acrylic material.Polymer compound material supports the surface layer well and its excellent ductility plays an effective role indynamic anti-crack performance.



It’s a design based on human kinetics and physical characteristics flooring system, with hard top layer combined with soft rebound cushion lower layer structure. It’s suitable to lay on concrete or asphalt substrates. The cushion layer is formed by single component modified polyurethane and top up with two-component modified acrylic resilience layer.



Then it combines with the permeation-type primer to form an integral rebound structure that has high adhesion and weatherability.
The prime coat isolates moisture underground and the layer has effective anti-seepage. Thus, all these ensure the floor durable.




1. To promote the sport profession and protection advantage of the traditional acrylic floor
2. To improve the weakness of the traditional acrylic floor, durable and professional.
3. The quality of the production is validated by international events and it is qualified by the State Administration
4. It is of Environment Protection's product certification.






Excellent Performance


1·Buffering effect given by resilience protects the athletes’ joints and reduces sport injury.
2·The surface layer of acrylic cushion provides certain protection to accidental falls in sports.
3·The tennis court with buffering effect has a longer sport life.
4·The resilient tennis courts provide more stable ball speed and ball direction. The sport felling is better.
5·The surface layer of the acrylic cushion tennis court provides more comfortable sporting texture when athletes are
starting, stopping abruptly or sliding.




Sports Performance Data


NO. items index of standard results
1 value of rebound, % ≥80 88
2 impact absorption 5~15 9
3 Slid friction, N 60~100 76
4 Water permeability, mm/min 0 0




Pysical Properties Data


NO. items index of standard results

Tensile elongation, %

≥400 857
2 tensile strength, MPa ≥1.8 3.2
3 artificial weathering ageing resistance d(300h) No bubble, no peeling, no crack; Powder ≤grade 1, △E≤5.0 No bubble, no peeling, no crack; Powder ≤grade 1, △E=0.9
4 Durability, aging test (168h) Tensile elongation, % ≥300 858
    tensile strength, MPa ≥1.3 1.6
5 wearability(750g/500r)/g ≤0.050 0.035

water resistance


No bubble, no peeling, allows slight discoloration, recover after 2h No bubble, no peeling, no discoloration
7 Flame retardancy, class



Health and Environmental Properties Data

NO. items index of standard results
1 volatile organic compound content (VOC) (g/l) ≤670 104
2 Benzene (%) ≤0.3 nought
3 Toluene+ Ethylbenzene+ Xylenes (%) ≤30 2
4 Free diisocyanate (TDI+HDI) (%) ≤0.4 nought
5 halogenated halohydrocarbon (%) (Dichloromethane, 1.1 - dichloro ethane, 1 dichloro ethane, chloroform, 1.1.1- of three chlorine ethane, 1.1.2- three chlorine of ethane and carbon tetrachloride), (%)



6 Soluble Heavy Metal (mg/kg) Pb ≤90 nought
Cd ≤75 nought
Cr ≤60 nought
Hg ≤60 nought



The performance comparison of different Acrylic tennis courts materials

Pavement materials

Base requirements Competition performance Environmental performance durability Usage limits
SPU material Both cement and asphalt base The hard upper and resilient under structure is special for tennis. The low modulus cushion layer at the bottom plays the most appropriate buffer effect. The high modulus strengthen layer in the middle provides sufficient compression rebound. The tenacity hard surface provides superior sport texture. The whole system ensures the tennis court has effective buffer, slip resistance to starting, moving and rebound performance.


The product implements strictly the latest State Mandatory Standards of Indoor Decorating and Renovating Material and qualified in ‘China Environmental Label (type) by China's Ministry of Environmental Protection

The base coat and the cushion layer is airtight to isolate the underground moisture and prevent bubbling. The high extensibility prevent the tiny crack caused by deformation of the cement base. The surface is wearable, scratch-resistant, and uvioresistan. It is non-aging, color lasting and not easy to sand-out. Renovations, changing color or line are convenient. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor and not affected by any climate in principle. After rain, it just needs to clean the water on the surface and then put into use.
The traditional acrylic material Asphalt base only The new tennis courts have good sport texture in early stage. It is comfortable to start and the friction is stable. But the buffer absorption effect is bad. It has low resilience and lacks enough sport protection. The old one gets to harden and easy to cause injury to the athletes’ joints. The sand consolidation effectiveness is worse. It sand-out easily and get to be smooth. Environmental, odorless and non-toxic Water resistance is not good. Low strength durability. Easy to sand-out. Low color durability. Need roll-coating renovation frequently to keep competition performance. The base material has low strengthen and easy to aging and harden. It is easy to conduct cracks on the surface. The low-priced products blend much more filler. Quality and performance change apparently. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Dark soles are easy to produce friction marks on the surface. It is not easy to clear. Only if it is dry thoroughly can put into use. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the site.




Product Structure:

Grüner Tennisplatz-Acryloberfläche 0



Project Case 

Grüner Tennisplatz-Acryloberfläche 1






Grüner Tennisplatz-Acryloberfläche 2




Company Brief Introduction:
We are first class one stop material supplier in China for high quality sports matrials,such as SPU course , running track , artificial grass, rubber particles and we are also engaging in the construction of sports venues.
We have two major production bases,one in Nanjing and the other in JiangMen,and the laying area of our materials is more than ten million square meters per year.



Our advantages (Why choose us?)

  1.  1.  Our products are odorless and non-toxic.

  2.  We have two main production bases and can make every kinds of SPU venues, running track, artificial grass, sports flooring construction and         colloidal particles.

3. 3 3.  We have more than 20 years' development and production history.

4. E 4.  Exceed ten million squre meters every year in the world.




1. Are you manufacturer or trader?
We have two major production bases,one in Nanjing and the other in JiangMen,and the laying area of our materials is more than ten million square meters per year. For all the products we produce by ourselves and with our own logo. Welcome to visit our factories if interested.

2. What kind of certificate you have?
We have certificate of RoHS,ISSS,CE,ITF2,ITF5,IFFF, IAAF, ISO9001 and ISO14001,SGS, ASG,etc and can export our products all over the world.

3.Is your products safe and enviroment friendly?
Yes, our products are safe and quality assured. It is Eco-friendly and harmless.